What this mom received in the mail left her speechless...

What this mom received in the mail left her speechless...

This is a story about a mother who recently received an anonymous letter in the mail that left her speechless.

This is her story.

"The letter showed up in the middle of the week in my mailbox. It stood out right away as something different than all the usual flyers and white envelopes that normally show up. When I took a good look at the letter before opening it, I noticed the heart stamp and sticker keeping it closed. To be honest just seeing that put a smile on my face but what was inside really put me over the edge. As I opened the letter and saw the outside of the card that said: "repeat after me..." I had no idea what was going on but when I opened the card that is when my heart jumped as I read the words on the inside "I have a secret Admirer" and then as I saw the message on the inside from the admirer that is when I knew who it was from and my eyes filled with tears. It was from my son, not saying it was him but the message written inside was a total give away as I notice his way with works and the admiration he had for me that was put into words. 

As a mom who lives far from her son, getting something this personal from him had made my day, my week, and even my month. The whole experience was breathtaking.

Being a mom has many rewards but the best is receiving affirming words from our son confirming that it was all worth it." 



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