I Received A Card

You did?!

Looks like someone has a secret admirer! 

Someone, somewhere, could be half way across the world, admires you enough that they wanted to send you a card to tell you!  Better yet, they sent you a card anonymously knowing that they wouldn't get to see your reaction, they just cared about you knowing!  Isn't that awesome?!

I hope you feel tickled pink, cause you should, you deserve it! 

What's next? See if you can find out who your admirer is by taking a picture and sharing your story on Instagram and/or Facebook with the #admiremovement. If you want to be featured on our website contact us with your experience! If chosen, we will send you a discount for a FREE card.

That said, don't let this feeling die, send a card to someone you admire and keep it rolling.  Who knows, by spreading the love you may end up with another one sometime soon!

Send A card